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Cape Cod homeowners are often confused by the terms Home Renovation and Home Remodeling. Many people on Cape Cod use the terms interchangeably. But there is a difference.

Home Renovation means to take a home that is showing the signs of wear and tear, dilapidated, or in disrepair and restore all or part of the home to good or like new condition again. Home Renovation can be minor or major depending on the work to be done. Talk to JMC Builders about your Cape Cod home renovation needs including kitchen renovation.

Home Remodeling

Home Remodeling is more about change than Restoration. When you remodel your house, you are changing the appearance, design or the functionality of all or part of the house. When you remodel a bathroom or kitchen, the result would be to substantially change it from the original design, perhaps using a whole new layout, with modern fixtures, and a whole new look. Consider upgrading your home with kitchen remodeling. 

Home Renovation

Home Renovation is when to want to take what is, to what it was like originally.  When you wish to renovate a bathroom or kitchen for example, the result would be to restore it to what it was when first built. 

To Renovate or Remodel Your Home is the question

Front Door RemodelingWhen you Renovate or Remodel your Cape Cod home, you are making a home improvement. Cape Cod home improvement pays dividends by increasing the value of home. The quality of the work your Cape Cod home contractor does, will have a lasting effect on your future enjoyment of the home as well as its value if you should decide to sell it.

When you select Muto Construction for your Cape Cod renovation or remodeling project, you can rest assured that our highly trained and experienced craftsmen, will complete your work to the highest quality standards, using the best materials available, and will give your Cape Cod home many years of trouble-free enjoyment.

Please give Jasen Muto a call today at (508) 945-0300 for a free, no obligation, Cape Cod home renovation or home remodeling project consultation. Think about how nice your home would be with a new kitchen renovation or kitchen remodeling. 

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